A Six Sigma Black Belt, strategic thinker & technology enthusiast | Neville Patel

Neville has been working since he was in School. What started as vacation jobs in Vitta Mazda, a stock broking company, helped him understand how small profitable businesses are run & made him more interested in entrepreneurship, business development & business networking.

Neville now has over 34 years of work experience in varied industries like IT & ITeS, BPO & KPO, Gaming & Interactive Entertainment, Mobile Gaming & Casino Gaming, Advertising & Product Launches, Telecom, Banking & Insurance, Human Capital Management, Data Annotation Services & Analytics.

In 2014 Neville Patel founded Qualitas Global QA Services a Game Testing & Game Development studio. Qualitas Global QA works with multiple Game Development Studios over Europe & North America. They have developed Mobile Games like Ludo, Diddle & lot more for multiple major customers. Qualitas Global is a premium Game Testing Services firm, having tested over 170 Mobile Games.

In 2015 Neville Patel founded Qualitas Global Services, one of India’s first few Data Annotation Services company working with Trillion Dollars companies like Apple amongst dozens of others.

Neville Patel enjoys playing Rummy, Poker, Chess & Table Tennis during his free time. He also likes to spend time on his Oculus & enjoys exploring the world as well playing games in VR. There is a bit of Vegas in him.

Neville Patel loves to travel for pleasure as well as business. He has travelled over 50 cities across 4 continents & he plans to visits a new continent & travel to multiple new cities in 2022. His target for 2026 is to visit atleast 100 cities all over the world.

Apart from traveling, Neville loves food & is food connoisseur, especially in Parsi & Mughlai cuisine. Knowing the best places to eat is not enough for him. He also knows the best home-chefs in those cuisines that cook food a hundred times better then what could have been eaten in the best restaurants.

Traveling for food is another activity that Neville intends pursuing in 2022 & he intends to drive to Amritsar to taste the authentic cuisine there plus stop at some great food dhabba on the way.

Neville Patel loves cars & drives multiple German cars. He also intends to go on long adventurous road trips in the coming years.

A Six Sigma Black Belt, strategic thinker & technology enthusiast | Neville Patel