How much percentage is required for study in UK after 12th?

Studying in the UK for Indian students is an opportunity once in a blue moon . Students feel absolute pride in studying in the fantastic institutions which are highly recognised by NMC and WHO. International aspirants require a minimum aggregate of 55% for medium universities and a total of 70% aggregate for top universities to study after 12th in the UK. The criteria for OBC is 45 %. The students need to get decent scores in PCB and should have English proficiency skills.

Eligibility Criteria
The eligibility criteria for studying in the UK are unanimous for everyone who wants to make dreams fly abroad. The main criteria for studying abroad in the UK include:-
The candidate should be a minimum of 18 years of age and mature enough to study abroad.
For humanities, a minimum of 65% marks are required to sustain the eligibility of the course.
The eligibility criteria for studying in the UK require students to attain 70 to 80% for science and commerce.
Students who have scored under 60% are liable for foundation and diploma courses.
A decent score in exams like IELTS, TOEFL or PTE is very important.
The students need to submit SAT or ACT scores as per the desired requirements.

Documents required
The essential documents which are required to proceed with study in the UK for Indian students are:-
Submission of 10th and 12th class certificates
Two academic reference letters.
Proof of bank statement or funds.
Proof of IELTS and TOEFL certified score for necessary documents for studying in the UK.
Statement of purpose
For candidates in art architecture and design a qualified portfolio is required

Available courses
Studying in the UK for Indian students becomes quite rewarding with a wide range of courses for students which can provide them an enjoyment to be educated well.
The Bachelor in Business Administration course is filled with advanced knowledge of business fields and commercial studies and helps the students to understand the principles of management in day-to-day life and have an idea of finance and marketing.
Accounting:- The students who want to pursue their studies abroad have distinctive courses in the UK after the 12th which include finance and accounting and make them learn the tricks of good management.
Economics bachelor’s course in economics helps international aspirants to understand the frugal engagement of money and no wastage of resources.
Bachelor’s in engineering:-Engineering is a diverse place to study and enhance their field in mechanical and civil engineering and learn a lot on digital platforms.
Bachelors in artificial intelligence:- Study in the Uk for Indian students is a lifetime dream opportunity where they are welcomed to the canvas of globalised learning, robotics and data analysis to meet the requirements of cut-edge technology.
Bachelor in Veterinary science:-Learning about animal care and treatment also makes students far more sensitive in understanding the pedagogy of human nature.
Bachelor of data science:- Courses in the UK after 12th provide a range of courses from analytics to machine learning to data modelling for the students to experience more in the field of data sciences.

Top Bottom Line:-
Studying in the UK for Indian students is an opportunity that comes to very few and makes students have the best of a lifetime. They get exposure, learn from new renders of education, feel free to think broadly and attain maximum results.

How much percentage is required for study in UK after 12th?